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Pluggable Connector

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  • Brand name:First Green
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Product details
  • Brand name:First Green

Quality/Safety Certifications:VDE,CE,ROHS


Housing : Polyamide 66 (94-V2 grade) black / white

                Polyamide 66 (94-V0 grade) Brown  

Metal Parts : Plate Brass/Stainless Steel Spring

Ambient Temperature : T90oC(black/white)  /  T150oC(Brown)

Wiring Capacity : -

-- With protection cover : 0.5-1.5mm2

* For fitting 3-cord Round Cable, H03VV or H05VV recommended

-- Without porotection cover : 0.5 - 4.0mm2

Voltage/Ampere Rating : 250V/16A

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